The Benefits of a Hands-Free Log Splitter

Posted: 2020-09-15

The cold season is only a few weeks away, and what comes with it is the need for a heating system that runs 24/7. However, every homeowner who operates a gas or oil-powered furnace understands the hefty price of staying warm.

For this reason, there is a steady increase in demand for other ways of heating the home. One of the methods of heating that is garnering significant attention is wood burners. Not only is burning wood environmentally-friendly, but it is also an economical way of establishing a comfortable home amid cold weather.

For households with log splitters installed, this machine has become an essential piece of equipment because if processes firewood quickly, saving them money and time. But using a log splitter isn’t without disadvantages. Allow us to give you three of them.

Common Log Splitter Problems


Operating a traditional log splitter can cause vibrations or shake, resulting from the log splitter being low in hydraulic oil. If the vibrations are beginning to become increasingly intense, it’s best to turn the machine off and call a qualified technician for inspection.

Losing Driving Force

When you lose driving force and notice that the pressure plate seems to move slowly, there may be air in the lines, an oil leak, or other issues. This problem may also require the expertise of a professional, so consider calling one.

Log Doesn’t Split

There are several possible reasons for this problem, one of which is that the splitter isn’t powerful enough. The splitter should be rated by the diameter of wood it will accept, and the tons of pressure it will apply. It is also possible that the log isn’t positioned correctly. Sometimes, tender lumber can also be a problem that they shatter instead of splitting.

Why Invest in a Hands-Free Log Splitter

There are several significant benefits of using a hands-free log splitter. Here are some of them:

Effortless Log Splitting

Not everyone has the strength of Dwayne Johnson to cut and chop woods without breaking a sweat and hurting their back. Thankfully, a hands-free log splitter can cut your logs into small pieces without you having to exert too much effort! Whenever you need firewood, all you have to do is turn on your splitter, put your wood in place, and voila! You have your firewood.

Time and Energy Saving

If you have ever tried to chop wood manually, you understand that it can take an entire day and thousands of calories to get the job done. If you don’t have the time or energy but need some firewood, a log screw splitter is an answer to your dilemma. This piece of equipment will save you time and energy because it will do the hard stuff for you.


Operating a manual log splitter or using an ax to chop woods on your own poses dangers to you and potentially those around you. On the other hand, running a log splitter assures you that you will be completely protected from the process of splitting timber.

Build Quality

We understand that buying a log splitter is an essential investment in your family’s safety and comfort — the last thing you’d want is spending a considerable amount of money only to find out the machine is a lemon! A log splitter is a machine that will serve you for decades. If you buy a high-quality unit, you are guaranteed to enjoy the benefits of having a log splitter for a lifetime.


One of the best things about log splitters is that they require little to no maintenance. All they need is the right amount of oil for them to continue to perform efficiently. Contrarily, other methods of cutting wood, such as an ax, require regular sharpening.

If you are looking for ways to efficiently and effortlessly split wood, a hands-free log splitter should be on your list. The benefits are too many to ignore.

Should you have any questions about hands-free log splitters, give us a call or leave us a message. It is our pleasure to provide you with relevant information and help you make an informed decision.