1. How many RPM’s does the Hands Free Log Splitter turn at?

This depends on the gallons per minute & model Hands Free Log Splitter you choose which will equal cone RPM.

2. What is the warranty?

Six months after purchase on the motor, one year on complete unit, except the tip which has none.

3. What is the actual tip life?

If used properly for splitting wood and not busting concrete, it will last years.

4. What is the largest diameter log I can split?

The diameter size is not as important as the length you're trying to split. Large diameter logs should be split along the edge, rather than down the middle, to take smaller chunks off at a time.

5. How long of a log will it split?

Please see specifications for each Hands Free unit.

6. What is the cone made of?

The tip is solid tool steel with the main body made of ductile iron.

7. How many gallons per minute are needed?

See spec sheet.

8. What is the total weight of the Hands Free Log Splitter with cone?

Please see specifications for each Hands Free unit.

9. What is the total weight of the cone alone?

80 - 200 lbs.

10. Can I mount the cone on my auger attachment?

Yes, but it will have four problems. It will be too slow, there likely won’t be enough torque, the berrings in the auger aren’t designed for side load and you need a rigid frame.

11. How big is the cement mixer?

6 cubic feet – just the right size for deck post setting and other small jobs.

12. How many horse power is the PTO?

Hydraulic horse power is a different rating. GPM x 2 = horse power

13. Can it be mounted on a front end loader?


14. Will it split Elm?

Yes. You may have to tear fibers with the cone at a horizontal down pressure stance.

15. Are there other attachments coming?