What You Should Look For in an Excavator Log Splitter

Posted: 2024-05-09

HF-800 Log Splitter Attachment With Grapple

Splitting BIG logs and stumps requires a log splitter attachment and the hydraulic power to turn it. Look no further than your excavator to split large wood down to size. Excavators are one of the best platforms to split with because you can easily rotate and boom out to split a lot of wood before you need to clean up the split material. Plus, excavator hydraulic performance is usually plenty to turn an excavator cone splitter in the gnarliest of wood.

Types of Excavator Log Splitters

There are a few types of log splitter attachments out there for excavators. You may have seen the beam style firewood type log splitter that fits on the excavator boom. These log splitters are mounted so you can boom down from the top and split logs. The splitter is oriented upside down when compared to a common backyard style firewood splitter. Beam excavator log splitters are limited in the diameter and length they can split. Most won't split more than 24" in diameter and the throat capacity is usually under 4 feet.

Excavator cone type log splitter attachments are available for mini to full size excavators. The auger cone splitter mounted to an excavator can terrorize just about any diameter log you want to split. While splitting really large diameter wood, you can position the cone splitter near the edge. You don't have to run it down the center of the log where it's the thickest. Length is still a concern for mini excavators, but you can generally split up to about 12 feet long material depending on the wood species and the hydraulic flow of the mini excavator. 

What should you look for in an excavator log splitter?

Splitting BIG wood is a harsh environment. Look for a tough attachment that can stand up to splitting all day, everyday. Quality components are critical to the cone splitter lasting on your excavator while splitting. Hardened steel threaded tips are the tip of the spear, and take a lot of abuse from heat and contacting hard objects. American made is another big plus with a company that stands behind their attachment. Innovation is another positive attribute. Attachments that are built for splitting efficiency and production are key to your business growing. U.S. Pride Products excavator log splitter attachments check all the boxes. Their quality and splitting effectiveness are unrivaled in the industry.

Mini excavator log and stump splitters

HF-400 MIni Excavator Log Splitter AttachmentMini excavators are a very productive platform to split from. All of the qualities an excavator brings to the table are there, except in a scaled down model. Mini excavators are maneuverable and use their boom to reach out over log piles just like full size excavators. This makes them ideal to use on a yard or on a job location where their compact size and portability are ideal. While they don't split the size material that big excavators do, they make up for it in these other ways. Now with an available thumb bracket, you can easily clean up the split logs for further processing or stacking.

Check out the HF-400 Mini Excavator Cone Splitter Attachment

Full size excavators are the ultimate log and stump splitters.

Large excavators are right at home splitting the biggest of the big wood. Boom reach and hydraulic power make them the ideal log splitter. These log splitters can take on 4' and larger diameter logs. No other attachment can do that efficiently. Log length is not a concern as you can work your way down just about any length log to split it. Now with an available rotating grapple, one operator can split and clean up the pieces for further processing in a firewood splitter, tub or horizontal grinder or chipper.

Check out the HF-800 Mini Excavator Cone Splitter Attachment With Grapple