What You Need to Know About Log Splitting Screws (Cone Splitters)

Posted: 2024-05-01

HF-800 2 Speed Log Splitting Screw

There are a lot of names for cone splitters. We see them referred to as cone splitter, auger cone, screw cone, log splitting screw and many other variations. They all refer to one attachment: The cone splitter. If you're not familiar with this type of splitter, they're basically a log splitting screw. The tip of the splitter is threaded to pull the wedge shaped cone into the wood and split it. As you might imagine, auger cone splitters are not a precision instrument. They're made to break down big logs relatively quickly so you can further process them in a tub/horizontal grinder, chipper, firewood processor, or other machine. Many people use them to resize big wood so it can be handled more easily and safely. Hauling big diameter logs on a truck from a job takes up a lot of space. Smaller, split logs take less space.

HF-300 Log Splitting ScrewDepending on the size of the log splitting screw and the machine turning it, the attachment can split varying sized logs. The length and type of wood determine how easy the split will be. Diameter plays a role, but you can always run the smaller log splitting screws closer to the side of the log to "chip away" at it. Larger log splitting screws, like the HF-800 from U.S. Pride can split just about any log you throw at it of any length.

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