H.F. 800 - Cone Log Splitter

These are videos of the HF 800 Log Splitter. Its raw log splitting power is spectacular.

The H.F. 800 is the industrial sized splitter in the line of U.S. Pride hydraulic cone log splitters. We've engineered it to run on big skid steers, wheel loaders and the largest excavators. With a 16 inch diameter cone, the H.F. 800 can take on logs up to 20 feet long with ease. If you're running a large land clearing operation or wood processing yard for firewood or wood fuel, the H.F. 800 cone wood splitter is a great choice. The H.F. 800 is also commonly used to bust large stumps and logs before being processed in a tub or horizontal grinder.

For better production on large skid steer mounts, see the H.F. 800 - 2 Speed Model!



Specification Chart HF 800
Splitter Weight – lbs 1,600
Cone Size – length x base 32 x 16
Shaft Diameter – width in inches  
Max Split Size 20′ in length
Oil Quantity – gpm 45
Oil Pressure – PSI 3,500 – 4,500
Carrier Weight – lbs 12,000 – 62,000

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