HF Log Splitters Become Even More Useful With Accessories!

The U.S. Pride splitter lineup can do a lot more than split logs. We've built accessories that can be added onto the HF powerhead to extend its capabilities and add value to your investment.

HF Accessories For Cone Splitters



Trommel Screen - Skid Loader Mounted

Coming Soon! We're in the final stages of developing a trommel screen that can be mounted to the HF-300 splitter mount. Check back soon for more information.


Post Hole AugerPost Hole Auger

The post hole auger is perfect for a variety of tasks. Great for around the property or on the job. Auger attachment also comes in a wide array of sizes from 6″ to 36″ in diameter, giving you the flexibility to do the job you need done.




Cement Mixer

Perfect for mixing batches of concrete on the job. Additional specs include:

Drum capacity = 9 cu. ft.

Batch output = 6 cu. ft.

Drum diameter = 27.5″



Stump Shaver Attachment

HF Stump Shaver attachments are a simple & cost effective way to remove stumps! Remove the cone splitter from the HF power head and bolt it up! Fits current HF 300 & past HF 200 models. 
(Ask about fit on other HF models)

Additional Information:

  • Grinder is reversible
  • Replaceable cutting teeth
  • Outer ring measures 14″
  • Replaceable pilot bit
  • Replaceable flame hardened knives