HF-800 Cone Screw Splitter With Grapple For Excavators


HF-800 - With Grapple - Auger Cone Screw Splitter For Excavators

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Now you can have the best of both worlds! U.S. Pride is in the final stages of development on a combined HF-800 (1 or 2 speed) cone screw splitter with integrated 52 inch rotating grapple. Combining the two attachments into one package allows one operator to split, move and position logs without changing attachments or getting help from a second machine and operator. The new U.S.A. made grapple rotates 360 degrees allowing easy loading and positioning of logs for stacking or further processing in a horizontal grinder or chipper. 

You can also retrofit your HF-800 one or 2 speed cone splitter with our new grapple package. It includes a new bracket, grapple and hydraulic valve to allow you to switch from cone splitter to grapple functionality from the operator seat. The hydraulic valve is operated by a 12 volt controller that plugs into the cigaratte lighter port in the cab.

Both HF-800 splitters remain the same great spliters that they have always been. Specifications and productivity of the HF-800 one and two speed splitters are unchanged. This new splitter/grapple package should boost your productivity and minimize the number of operators needed on the job!


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Specification Chart HF-800 w/Grapple
Splitter Only - Weight – lbs 1,700
Cone Size – length x base 32 x 16
Shaft Diameter – width in inches 5.5
Max Split Size - length in feet 25
Oil Quantity – GPM 45
Oil Pressure – PSI 5,000
Torque – ft-lbs 15,000
Carrier Weight – lbs 12,000 – 62,000
Grapple Size – Inches 52
Grapple Rotation – Degrees 360


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