HF-400 - Mini Excavator Cone Screw Log Splitter

U.S. Pride Products HF-400 Cone Screw Splitter


HF-400 - Mini Excavator Cone Screw Log Splitter

U.S. Pride Products built the HF-400 cone screw splitter specifically to perform on mini-excavators. U.S. Pride splitters are known for their legendary durability and the HF-400 will carry that legacy on. To counter some of the lateral forces that mini-excavators can put on attachments, we increased the main shaft and bearings to make sure the HF-400 is as durable as the rest of our splitter lineup. We also gave it a larger cone to increase splitting efficiency. The HF-400 can easily split 12 foot long logs all day long!

Excavators of all sizes are great machines to mount our cone screw splitter attachments on. Their ability to reach over log piles and maneuverability give them an edge over other carrier types. If you would like to resize logs and stumps on your yard before you process them further, the HF-400 may be the perfect choice. Contact us at U.S. Pride Products and we'll help you determine which cone screw splitter is the best for your operation.


Commonly Used By

  • High Volume Firewood Processors
  • Mulch Producers (Large)
  • Small Land Clearing Co.'s



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Specification Chart HF-400
Splitter Weight – lbs 750
Cone Size – length x base 30 x 16
Shaft Diameter – inches 3.56
Max Split Size - length in feet     12
Oil Quantity – GPM 15-32
Oil Pressure – PSI 2,400 – 3,400
Torque – ft-lbs 3,600
Carrier Weight – lbs 6,000 – 20,000


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