H.F. 150 - Hands Free Cone Log Splitter

This is a video of the HF 150 Log Splitter. Its raw log splitting power is spectacular.


H.F. 150 - Hands Free Cone Log Splitter

If you operate a mid-sized skid loader, the H.F. 150 is for you. With the increased hydraulic power that these carriers have, splitting ability and speed increase significantly over our H.F. 100 mini. Skid steers in this class, combined with the H.F. 150, offer a great balance between portability to jobs as well as great production capabilities. The H.F. 150 is a great choice for any company that needs to reduce larger logs into manageable pieces on a wide range of job sites. U.S. Pride cone splitters can run on standard flow and high flow hydraulics (High flow is always preferred). 


Commonly Used By:

  • Tree Services (Medium - Large)
  • High Volume Firewood Processors
  • Mulch Producers (Small - Medium)



Specification Chart HF 150
Splitter Weight – lbs 600
Cone Size – length x base 26 x 12
Shaft Diameter – width in inches  
Max Split Size 7′ in length
Oil Quantity – gpm 15-20
Oil Pressure – PSI 2,400 – 3,400
Carrier Weight – lbs 6,000 – 10,000

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