HF-150 - Hands Free Cone Log Splitter


HF-150 - Hands Free Cone Log Splitter

If you operate a mid-sized skid loader, the HF-150 is for you. With the increased hydraulic power that these carriers have, splitting ability and speed increase significantly over our HF-100 mini. Skid steers in this class, combined with the HF-150, offer a great balance between portability to jobs as well as great production capabilities. The HF-150 is a great choice for any company that needs to reduce larger logs into manageable pieces on a wide range of job sites.

Note: The HF-150 runs on standard flow hydraulics only.



Commonly Used By:

  • Tree Services (Medium - Large)
  • High Volume Firewood Processors
  • Mulch Producers (Small - Medium)



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Specification Chart HF-150
Splitter Weight – lbs 600
Cone Size – length x base 26 x 12
Shaft Diameter – inches 2.275
Max Split Size - length in feet 7
Oil Quantity – gpm 15-20
Oil Pressure – PSI 2,400 – 3,400
Torque – ft-lbs 2,800
Carrier Weight – lbs 6,000 – 10,000


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This is a video of the HF-150 Log Splitter. Its raw log splitting power is spectacular.