H.F. 100 Mini - Hands Free Cone Log Splitter

This is a video of the HF 100 Log Splitter. Its raw log splitting power is spectacular.


H.F. 100 Mini - Hands Free Cone Log Splitter

While it is our smallest cone screw splitter, the HF 100 Mini is not lacking in splitting ability and pure usefulness. The HF 100 is made for mini and lighter duty skid loaders. A smaller equipment carrier size advantage makes it a perfect combination to fit in tight spaces, like narrow paths, or in backyards. Splitting power of the implement is impressive even for its size. Portability and an entry level price are the main reasons customers love the H.F. 100 Mini cone screw splitter.

Commonly Used By:

  • Tree Service Companies
  • Firewood Processors
  • Landscape Companies



Specification Chart HF 100 Mini
Splitter Weight – lbs 350
Cone Size – length x base (inches) 26 x 12
Shaft Diameter – width in inches 2.5
Max Split Size 3′ in length
Oil Quantity – gpm 12-20
Oil Pressure – PSI 2,100 – 3,200
Carrier Weight – lbs 1,000 – 9,000

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