HF-800 2-Speed - Cone Screw Log Splitter

HF-800 2 Speed Cone Screw Splitter


HF-800 - 2 Speed - Cone Screw Log Splitter

The HF-800 2 Speed model is essentially the same as the HF-800 with the addition of a 2 speed motor. This allows the splitter to automatically shift between speeds as needed. Some large skid loaders, and other machines, don't always have enough hydraulic flow to turn the single speed HF-800 efficiently in tough material. By utilizing a 2 speed motor, machines with lower hydraulic flow can still split the big stuff productively. 

This Two speed HF-800 can be run on any carrier from skid steer or wheel loader to the largest excavator.



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Specification Chart HF-800 Two-Speed
Splitter Weight – lbs 1,750
Cone Size – length x base 32 x 16
Shaft Diameter – width in inches 5.5
Max Split Size - length in feet Unlimited
Oil Quantity – GPM 30 - 60
Oil Pressure – PSI 3,400 - 5,000
Torque – ft-lbs 15,000
Carrier Weight – lbs 7,000 – 70,000


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HF 800 2 Speed Industrial Cone Wood Splitter