U.S Pride Products designs and builds cone screw splitters to do one thing; split big logs - quickly, safely and efficiently. We build attachments in several sizes to match your wood splitting needs. They fit carriers from mini skidsteers to large industrial sized excavators. Our cone screw splitters are used by tree services, mulch yards, land clearing operations, wood fuel processors, biomass, and any company that needs to reduce large wood into manageable pieces! Review our log splitters to decide which one is right for your operation, or contact us for a recommendation on the model that will work best in your environment.

HF-100 Mini Cone Screw Wood Splitter Attachment

HF-150 Cone Screw Wood Splitter Attachment

HF-300 Cone Screw Wood Splitter Attachment

HF-400 Cone Screw Wood Splitter Attachment

HF-800 Cone Screw Wood Splitter Attachment

HF-800 - 2 Speed Cone Wood Splitter Attachment





New to the U.S. Pride splitter lineup is the HF-400 cone screw splitter, designed specifically for mini excavators. While we've had splitters running on mini excavators for years, it was time to develop and optimize a splitter specifically for this carrier. Excavators can put different stresses on cone screw splitters compared to skid loaders, or other front loader style carriers. U.S. Pride has been known for building supremely durable equipment. To continue that legacy, we increased the main shaft and bearings for added strength. This also allowed us to use a larger splitting cone for increased productivity. 

If you have questions about using a cone screw splitter on a mini excavator, please contact us. We'll be happy to discuss your application.  


See The All New HF-400 Cone Screw Splitter For Mini-Excavators


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Upgraded HF-100 Mini Cone Screw Splitter From U.S. Pride Products



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