How Does a Log Splitter Keep You Safe and Save You Time?

Posted: 2021-03-30

Anyone who processed firewood using an axe understands how back-breaking, time-consuming, and messy it can be. Well, those days are over if you go ahead and upgrade to a log splitter. In this article, allow us to give you a few ideas why using a log splitter saves you time and energy.

Here are some reasons a log splitter increases your safety and efficiency.


Splitting logs is a very challenging task that requires a lot of time to complete. Not only do you need to cut the wood into small pieces, but you also need to chop them into manageable sizes. With the help of a log splitter, you can cut the wood easily and make it into a round that fits into the machine. A log splitter also allows you to cut logs of a similar size, making stacking piles of wood and burning much more efficient.

Also, using a log splitter helps you save time as it does not produce many wood chips when splitting logs. With this feature, you can expect an almost clean workplace even after the job. As for a chainsaw, you’ll have heaps of wood chips and sawdust to clean up.

These features help you save time, giving you other opportunities to use your extra hours for other things.


With the faster completion of wood-cutting tasks comes the efficiency of using your own energy. Using a log splitter minimizes the amount of work you need to do, saving you the amount of energy you would have used. Instead of you putting out a lot of time and energy in cutting wood, you will let the machine do the work for you. Whenever you need firewood, all you have to do is turn on your splitter, set up the log to be split, and activate the machine’s cutting process.

Most log splitters today have both vertical and horizontal log accommodation designs, which makes them much easier to operate. When compared to a chainsaw, you’ll love the idea of you no longer having to attend classes or tutorials before you can start using a log splitter. There is no training required before you get the certification to actually use a log splitter. Can you imagine the amount of time and energy you would be saving by simply owning one of these nifty machines? It allows you to get the firewood you need without even breaking a sweat.

Ease of Transfer

A log splitter gives you the ability to transfer your work with ease and effortlessness. Certain log splitter units include rubber wheels that give you the ease of moving, allowing you to cut wood from practically anywhere. This feature makes your job much easier as you can easily move the unit from one place to another. You will also appreciate the fact that once you’re done with your splitting job, you can simply move your log splitter to storage — without the need to manually lift the tool.

Increased Safety

Chopping woods manually with an axe or blade always comes with a risk of hurting yourself or another person. It requires you to devote constant attention to your axe or blade use to ensure your safety. Why is that? Because there is the recurring issue of having to pull the axe out of the wood after you’ve struck it if you don’t split the wood the first time. And there’s the constant risk of losing a grip, which may result in severe injury.

Also, your hand may vibrate as you hit the piece of log hard. Such an amount of pressure and vibration may have harmful effects on your body and health. The shock and pressure can have negative effects on your muscles and joints, and with use over time, you may begin to experience some pains that may become incessant. As you can see, cutting wood manually may not be a good choice for your health.

On the other hand, a log splitter offers a safe, easy, and efficient method of processing wood. It takes away all of the risks mentioned above and ensures it does not negatively affect your body or health in any way.