Benefits of Splitting Log & Stump Piles With a US Pride Log Splitter On Your Excavator

Posted: 2021-05-13

HF 800 Cone Screw Splitter Mounted On An ExcavatorFor those of you that end up with a pile of logs or stumps on your yard that you need to process into something useful or just get rid of, you have a few choices. Often these logs and stumps are too big to place in your tub or horizontal grinder as is. You could let them break down naturally, but they pile up quickly and take up space. It takes quite awhile for them to decay down to where you can do something with them using small equipment.

Enter the cone screw log splitter. US Pride Products made it specifically to break down large logs and stumps. Our larger cone splitter models are made for land clearing operations and mulch yards where some logs can be in excess of three feet in diameter. US Pride splitters can tear apart big diameter stumps and logs up to twenty feet in length. 

Excavator Mounted Cone Splitter

The question then becomes; What do you mount it on? If you already own a skid steer and won't buy an excavator, it's an easy choice. Skid steer mounted US Pride cone splitters work very well for all around splitting in an open area. For some situations and terrains, a skid loader is the better platform. However, if you have the option of mounting a splitter on a skid steer loader or an excavator, you may consider this. An excavator log splitter is better than a skid steer for tackling a large pile of logs or stumps that need broken down. Because of the reach of the excavator boom, less material needs to be moved. You can boom over other logs and debris and keep splitting, almost continuously. Skid loaders working alone typically need to split and then move the debris out of the way to get the skid loader and splitter closer to the next log. Either machine is productive, but in situations where you have large log piles in a compact area, the excavator mounted cone splitter is more productive.

If you're working in a team, you could have a skid steer mounted cone splitter continuously splitting while another operator moves the debris out of the way, or loads it with a grapple. In this setup, skid loader and excavator mounted splitters may produce similar results, but it requires 2 machines.

Either mount you choose will be very productive at reducing mountains of logs. Assess your needs and contact US Pride if you have questoins about the best splitter and carrier for your company!