The post hole auger is perfect for a variety of tasks. Great for around the property or on the job. Auger attachment also comes in a wide array of sizes from 6″ to 36″ in diameter, giving you the flexibility to do the job you need done.

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  • Heavy duty backhoe
  • 20″ bucket with 4 teeth
  • Requires minimum 30 HP
  • Equipped with a 3″ x 16″ hydraulic cylinder and hoes
  • Wall of bucket is 1/4″ steel with the bottom at 112″ steel
  • Greaseable heavy duty pins• Universal attachment
  • Digs up to 7 Yz feet deep
  • Weight with 20″ bucket 610 pounds
  • 10″ bucket also available

  • Standard size 78″
  • Constructed from two 3/4″ x 6″ hardened cutting edges one in front and back of the leveling bar
  • Frame constructed with 2″ x 4″ and 2″ x 2″ tubing
  • A 2-1/2 x 2-1/2″ x 3/8″ angle iron is welded in the center 1″ higher than edge; causes the dirt to roll
  • A step is welded on for easy access
  • Universal mounting brackets
  • Lift tabs are welded on frame so attachment can be easily moved or carried with a bucket
  • 450 pounds
  • Some uses: landscaping, driveways, parking lots, concrete work


PTO stands for Power Take Off. This PTO can be used to provide power to an attachment or separate machine. It is designed to be easily connected and disconnected.

  • Comes with two receiver tubes
  • Pin – type drawer bar on the bottom
  • Tri – ball hitch in top receiver sizes 1 7/8″, 2″ and 2 5/16″
  • Comes with universal mounting brackets
  • Ideal for boats to 5thwheel trailers, machinery, trailers, etc


Perfect for mixing batches of concrete on the job. Additional specs include:

Drum capacity = 9 cu. ft.

Batch output = 6 cu. ft.

Drum diameter = 27.5″


HF Stump Shaver Attachments are a simple & cost effective way to remove stumps! Remove the cone splitter from the HF power head and bolt it up! Fits current HF 300 & past HF 200 models. 
(Ask about fit on other HF models)

Additional Information:

  • Grinder is reversible
  • Replaceable cutting teeth
  • Outer ring measures 14″
  • Replaceable pilot bit
  • Replaceable flame hardened knives


Additional Care Tips