Is a Wheel Loader Your Best Choice To Run An HF Cone Screw Splitter?

Posted: 2021-11-26

Wheel Loader or Front End Loader To Mount A Cone Screw Splitter

HF cone screw splitters can be mounted on a wide range of equipment. Choosing the right combination of splitter and equipment carrier will make log splitting easier and more efficient for your company. While skid loaders and excavators are most popular to split with, some opt for using their existing wheel loader (a.k.a front end loader). If you already have a loader, and can spare it from other purposes to split with, use it! Wheel loaders generally make good cone screw log splitters, but there are some things you may want to consider:

Can HF cone splitters run on compact and full size wheel loaders?
Typically we run the HF-800 Two Speed splitter on full size wheel loaders. On compact wheel loaders, we generally recommend the HF-300. Which one we recommend depends on several factors. Size of the carrier, auxiliary hydarulic availability/pressure & volume are the main concerns. Large wheel loaders usually need the large frame HF-800 for durability. We built the HF-800 frame specifically for larger carriers. Compact wheel loaders typically mount the HF-300. Frame size and internal shaft and bearings match up well to this size loader, along with hydraulic needs. We can help you determine which cone splitter you need for your loader.

Is a wheel loader my only, or best, splitting option?
If you only have a wheel loader to mount a splitter to, then you'll need to make sure it can run one of our splitters. Check to see if the loader has adequate auxiliary hydraulics to run the hydraulic motor on the splitter. If you own other possible equipment to mount an HF splitter on, we can help you determine which of your fleet is best split with. If you're thinking about purchasing another piece of equipment to run a cone splitter, contact us. We can help you determine if that new equipment model is right to run one of our splitters on. Large skid loaders, mini excavators and full size excavators are also great options to split with. 

Can I divert my wheel loader from other tasks it may be needed for?
Depending on your operation and how much equipment you own, you may not be able to spare your wheel loader to use for log or stump splitting. It may be needed to perform other tasks all day long. If so, you may consider running an HF splitter on another piece of equipment you have. It may also be a great time to consider your next equipment purchase. Do you need an excavator or skid loader for other operations? If you're considering a U.S. Pride cone screw splitter, now or in the future, talk to us before you purchase equipment. We can help you determine which carrier to buy to run our splitters efficiently for your needs.

Does my wheel loader have adequate auxiliary capacity to run an HF cone screw splitter?
Wheel loaders don't always have auxiliary hydraulics plumbed for attachments. If your loader is plumbed with auxiliary hydraulics, capacity on wheel loaders can still be a concern. Many wheel loaders have lower hydraulic pressure and a lower flow rate. For those loaders with lower capacity hydraulics, we generally recommend the HF-800 Two Speed. This HF splitter was built specifically to run on large machines with lower hydraulic capacity. The two speed gear box compensates for reduced hydraulic pressure and capacity. In addition, the HF-800 Two Speed is also built for larger machines. It has our largest and most durable frame to withstand the brute force that large machines can exert. Internally, it's our strongest splitter as well. Main shaft, bearings and cone are all spec'd for the larger carriers.

How much wood do you need to split?
Efficiency can be a consideration. We know time is money. If you have high volume splitting needs or long/large diameter logs to split, you'll want the biggest and most efficient carrier running your HF splitter. The longer employees and equipment have to work, the more it costs. Wheel loaders are fairly efficient at splitting, but let us know about your operation, your splitting needs, and equipment options. We can recommend the best equipment solution for your business.

Do I have enough room to maneuver my full size wheel loader in the area I'm splitting in?
Large wheel loaders are not as mobile as smaller equipment, or excavators with the reach they have. Getting the splitter in the right position by the wood you're getting ready to split takes more room to maneuver on the bigger machines. If you have a large space, then it may not be a concern.

If you would like to discuss which cone screw splitter may be right for your wheel loader, or other carrier, please contact us. We'll be happy to discuss your needs and recommend the best splitting solution for you.