Busting Logs and Testing the Limits of a Spiral Cone Log Buster

Posted: 2023-03-27

Spiral Auger Cone SplitterIf you’ve been paying attention to what U.S. Pride has been doing for the last few years, you know we’re building some of the best large diameter log splitters on the market today. We only build our spiral cone splitters here in the U.S. to maintain quality and toughness in our large log splitter attachments. So how big of a log will our largest auger splitter split? They can take on huge wood! Because you can run an auger wood splitter down the edge of a huge diameter log (rather than the middle), you can split off the edge and work your way toward the center of the big log. Huge wood diameter isn’t as much of a concern with our HF-800 log buster log splitters.

Spiral Cone SplitterWith our smaller HF splitter units, length becomes the limiting factor on the size log they will bust. HF-300 and HF-400 auger splitters can still split the huge wood, but it will take more time than the HF-800 splitter models. If you think of a cone splitter as a stump screw, it takes hydraulic power to screw into a huge piece of wood to split it. Smaller carriers that run the HF-300 and HF-400 units are going to screw into a log slower than the HF-800 wood splitter augers.

HF cone auger splitters have a spiral threaded splitting cone to drive into large logs and split them. There are no other types of big log splitters that can do what a spiral cone splitter can do. The basic concept is actually simple. Make a log screw attachment that bores into huge wood and splits it. U.S. Pride uses quality components in all of our big log spiral splitters so you can keep working all day! 

HF-150 Spiral Cone Splitter