What do our customers think?

Posted on April 14th, 2011

Over the years, we have documented what our customers say about US Pride Products.

“Hello Charlie and Joni,

Received the bucket just after dinner and I am very enchanted to see the quality of the bucket.  From the quick connects to the position of the fitting on the cylinder, to the thickness of the plates. This unit will give us many years of service without a doubt.

Thank you for your attention.”

Marcel Lafontaine
Acheteur – Buyer

“Hey Charlie just thought I would tell you what we have done with your splitter. Because we run a tree service we come across all kinds and sizes of wood. We have split everything from red and white elm, sycamore, locust, huge chunks of mulberry, crotched pieces of locust, and 6 ft across chunks of cottonwood and everything in between.

We split pieces that we would never have considered before due to the huge physical size and also due to the severe crotches. What I just described to you used to go to the ditch. And you felt like mission accomplished getting them to the ditch after wrestling them out of someones back yard and finally on to the trailer.

I knew for years we were throwing a tremendous amount of good wood away but it just wasnt worth the time and energy spent ripping a big chunk with a chain saw just to reduce the size to manageable pieces to next put on the conventional splitter and fight them some more. This is so much easier and so much faster. With splitting monster pieces I have found that it works best to work around the chunk and gradually work your way in. Similar to peeling an orange. You weaken the chunk by working around the outside.

Thanks for being so creative and designing the superior log splitter! I can only imagine how many tries and modifications it took to perfect the unit, but it works well!”

Monty – Adel Tree Co Adel Iowa

“Hey Charlie

Just wanted to let you know the splitter is working perfectly and works just as advertised.   Awesome application on a skid steer.

Thanks ”


“Hey Handsfree Guys … please add us to your dealer page for Wisconsin.

Very happy with our new two hose unit … works great!”

“My tree care firm is 52 yrs old this year and we are geared to handle most anything, we split our firewood with a blockbuster wood proccessor, which is a great tool until diameter of logs exceed 20”, now lets face it guys in the tree care industry 70% of our wood product exceeds 20″dia and we are forced to “hand cut” and use a conventional splitter, no longer friends not with the hands free from US Pride products!!

This tool will split most species of whole log 8-10′ and even longer into quarters or less thereby makeing all those previously unmanagable pieces usable and sellable product !! how many nasty chunks, unions (crotches or forks) do you have laying around or have you tossed into the landfill? no more ,none here ! i have split logs 4 and 5 ft diameter and 10 ft long in minutes and then run through the processor or even the chipper if mulch is your gig.

The tech support i have recieved from the team at US Pride is remarkable, i have not only gained an irreplaceable tool but a great friend in the team at us pride the only problem i have with my hands free is that everyone wants to borrow it ! the beauty is that as fairly priced as it is you can own one very reasonably!!

Thanks U.S Pride !!”


Certified Arborist # WI-0540

Team LP Tree Service

Janesville Wis

“We bought our Log Splitter in 2008 and have used it on various size of logs. We cut our own wood for our Home Wood Burning System and have found the splitter to be both a back and time saver. We have not found a log yet that we have had any trouble splitting.

We would highly recommend the Hands Free Log Splitter to others that process wood for their own use or for others.”

Corey and Dianne Behnke and Jim and Florence Behnke

“Thanks for the splitter and the suggestions about how to approach a log. Starting about 3-4″ from the end of the log it started right in with no trouble, and the log gave up before the motor did. I haven’t gotten it stuck since.

The splitter looks to be built to last, with very heavy gauge steel. It’s a simple design, but it can do things other splitters can’t. I have a tree service and naturally end up with a lot of trunk wood that can be a disposal issue. Not many people want 4′ diameter wood. Now I can break down the trunks into manageable pieces to be split into useable firewood. The Hands Free Log Splitter takes the lifting out of the process, and my hands don’t miss swinging a maul at all. Plus I like to be able to split longer pieces from time to time.”

Peter Kaseman-Wold, ISA Certified Arborist

Goodland Tree Works, Inc.

Madison, WI 53711


“The  log splitter we purchased from US Pride Products has changed the landscape of how our business processes our oversize wood. The splitter is quick, efficient, and durable. I have nothing but high praise for US Pride on their product and service.”

Andy Palmer


Lardon Construction Corp